Wise Medical Services

Wise is an Yemeni owned company with a domestic and international reputation for quality medical products marketing.

Wise Medical operates a corporate office and extensive warehousing facility in Aden, Yemen.

It’s reputation for sales excellence has been acquired over years, ever since our YEMENI-owned company started distributing quality medical products and equipment on behalf of manufacturers all over the world.

Today Wise Medical represents a comprehensive yet diverse range of products, among them many well known brands. Furthermore, product is conveniently warehoused, ready to deliver as and when required.

In the medical industry, as in any technical field, success does not happen by chance. Dealing with Wise Medical, a proven and professional operation, ensures such outcomes.

All medical examinations
Nursing and surgery services
Medication delivery (as per doctor’s prescription)

Home medical services from “Hayaty Care” will come to your home

We offer all of this to you through our home medical services from “Hayaty Care” within the city of Aden

Our Goals

The company’s objective is to build on Wise Medical’s success within Yemen to help launch it into the global markets.

To maintain and grow our market share and improve our profitability by focusing on product positioning and overall cost efficiency.

We should strive to strengthen our presence with existing customers by building on Wise’s comprehensive future product offerings and value added services.

Our goal as a company is to survive the future challenges we face and continue to grow our existing surgical, infection control and critical care market share, by offering our customers outstanding products, on time delivery and service.

At Wise Medical, our sales specialists are customer service focused and product savvy.

Our performance driven culture ensures clarity of expectations and rewards for individual and team success.

Ambitious proactive Sales Specialists are encouraged to advance themselves within the organization.

We enjoy the advantage of selling established recognized device leaders within all of our product groups and markets.

The building of our relationship to support our existing and future products is paramount to the ongoing success of the company within the diverse markets throughout YEMEN.

Driving sales growth requires accountability and responsibility which enables Wise Medical to achieve sales growth targets, provide clinical and product support, establish new business opportunities while maintaining existing customer expectations.

Wise Medical believes in providing the most effective tools to complement the sales team to ensure success now and in the future.

Our sales team is technically qualified and experienced with devices we market. Ongoing clinical and product training ensures that our sales team offer its customers the latest in product information and support.

We encourage our sales team, to take the initiative.
Wise’s facility is situated in ADEN, as shown on the map, the location is ideal as a distribution point for Aden, and Sanaa with a large number of population. We operate with a direct sales force throughout the all Yemeni cities.

Mission Statement

Our Company Is Guided By Integrity, High Ethical Standards And Respect For Employees, Customers, And Competitors. We Believe In Individual Responsibility And The Empowerment Of Employees. We Encourage A Culture Where The Diversity Of Individual Employees Is Respected.

      • Pride in an excellence in reputation.
      • Commitment to customer service.
      • Satisfaction and profit from work that benefits humanity.
      • Belief in corporate social responsibility.
      • Commitment to honesty and integrity.
      • Based merit.
      • Support for individual ability and creativity.
      • Commitment to health and safety awareness Belief in opportunity.

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